Vinyl - Funk

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Artist Title Condition Label Price
Ashford & Simpson  "Love or Physical"  EX/EX  Cap. 46946 $4.00
Baby Ray  "Where Soul Lives"  NM/EX  Liberty 9335 $15.00
La Vern Baker   "See See Rider"  NM/VG+ CO + PH  Atl. 8071 $15.00
La Vern Baker Let Me Belong to You  EX/EX- COH  Brunswick  BL 754160 $15.00
Bohannan  The Bohannan Drive"  SS/CO  Compleat 1005 $8.00
BloodstoneTrain Ride to HollywoodNM/EX-CCLondon P S665$4.00
BloodstoneLullaby of BroadwayNM/EXT-Neck 40042$4.00
BloodstoneGreatest HitsSST-Neck 40016$4.00
Bohannan  "Here Comes...."(w. press kit)  EX-/EX- (promo stamp)  MCA 42310 $8.00
Brook Benton  " Golden Hits"  EX/EX  Mercury  20607 $15.00
Earl Bostic   "Let's Dance with"  EX/G+ (3" seam split)  King Records  395 529 $25.00
Earl Bostic   " The Best of Bostic"  EX/G+ (4" seam split)  King Records  395 500 $15.00
James Brown   "Talking About Little Willie John..."  EX/EX-  King ST1038 $30.00
James Brown   "Take A Look At Those Cakes"  SS/ CC  Polydor 6181 $8.00
James Brown  "Live Hot on the One" Db. LP  EX/EX- CC  Poly 2-6290 $16.00
James Brown  "Jam 80s"  EX/EX- CC  Poly 6140 $8.00
James Brown  "Hot Pants"  NM/EX- CO  Poly 4054 $15.00
James Brown  "Excitement -Mr. Dynamite"  EX/EX- COH  King 780 $75.00
Clarence Carter  " Patches"  EX/VG  Atlantic SD 8267 $15.00
Chambers Brothers  "A New Time-A New Day"  NM/VG+ CC  Col. CS 9671 $15.00
Ray Charles  "The Genius After Hours"  EX/EX- SOB  Atl. 1369 $15.00
Ray Charles   "Invites You To Listen"  VG/G  (PH PSC)  ABCS 595 $8.00
The Checkmates LTD.   "Live! at Caesar's Palace"  EX/VG+  Cap.  ST 2840 $15.00
The Checkmates LTD.   "Love is All We Have to Give"  SS  A&M SP 4183 $25.00
The Chi-Lites   "A Lonely Man"  EX/EX  Brunswick  BL754179 $15.00
The Chi-Lites   "Greatest Hits"  EX/EX  Brunswick  BL 754184 $15.00
Arthur Conley   "More Sweet Soul"  EX/EX- COH  Atco SD33-243 $15.00
Tyrone Davis   "Home Wrecker"  EX/EX  Dakar Records  DK 76915 $25.00
The Dells   "Musical Menu"  EX/EX  Cadet  LPS 822 $20.00
Detroit Emeralds   "Feel The Need  SS/CO  West Bound  WB 302 $15.00
Bill  Doggett   "Hold It"  EX/EX- COH  King 609 $25.00
Dramatics   "The Best of the Dramatics"  EX/EX  Volt/Stax VOS-9506 $15.00
Dramatics  " Dramatically Yours "  EWX/EX- CC  Volt VOS 9501 $8.00
The Drifters    "The Drifters' Golden Hits"  EX/EX  Atlantic SD 8153 $30.00
The Drifters    "The Drifters' Greatest Hits"  G/G  Atlantic 8041 $15.00
Exuma  "Snake "  New/VG+ CO  Kama Sutra  KSBS 2052 $15.00
Phil Flowers  "I Am the Greatest"  EX/VG+ PH  Guest Star 1456 $15.00
Eddie Floyd  "Baby Lay Your Head Down (Gently on My Bed)"  NM/EX- PH  Stax STS 3016 $15.00
Eddie Floyd  "Down to Earth" (white label promo)  EX/EX-  Stax STS 2041 $15.00
The Foundations   "Digging"  SS / EX- COH  MCA 73058 $15.00
Bobby Freeman and Chuck Jackson  s/t  EX/VG+  Grand Prix k-430 $10.00
Marvin Gaye   "Greatest Hits"  EX/EX  Tamla 252 $15.00
Marvin Gaye  "Greatest Hits Vol. 2"  NM/VG+ (date wr. on bk.)  Tamla 278 $10.00
Marvin Gaye  "Super Hits"  EX/EX  Tamla S300 $8.00
George and Teddy with the Condors  "In Person From Ciro's Le Disc"  EX/EX- COH  Reprise R-6135 $20.00
Bonnie Graham   "Brown Gal"  EX/VG+ PH -COH  Argo LP 4017 $30.00
Isaac Hayes   "U-Turn"  EX/EX- CO  Col 40316   $8 .00
Joe Hinton   "Funny How Time Just Slips Away"  NM/EX- CO  Duke DX-91 $15.00
Lynn Hope   "Morocco"  SS  Saxophonograph BP-508 $15.00
Joe Houston   "Earthquake"  NM/EX  Pathe PM 231 $15.00
Chuck Jackson  "Greatest Hits"  EX/EX- COH  Wand WD 683 $15.00
Chuck Jackson  and Young Jessie  s/t  EX/VG+  3" SS  Crown CST354 $20.00
J.J. Jackson   "The Great J.J. Jackson"  EX/EX- COH  WB WS 1797 $20.00
Etta James   "Call My Name"  EX/EX- COH  Cadet 4055 $15.00
Ben E. King   "Greatest Hits"  EX/EX  ATCO SD 33-165 $15.00
King Curtis   "The Great King Curtis"  SS  Clarion 615 $15.00
Sonny Knight   "If You Want This Love"  EX/EX  Aura 3001 $25.00
Jackie Lee   "The Duck"  NM/VG+ (name wr. on bk.)  Mirwood MW7000 $25.00
Garnett Mimms   "Sensational New Star"  EX//EX- PH  Guest Star GS 1907 $20.00
Johnny Nash  "Let's Get Lost"  EX/EX-  ABCS 334 $25.00
The Neville Brothers   s/t  EX/EX  U.K. impt. Cap. St 11865 $15.00
Ohio Players  "Pleasure" (bondage cover)  EX/VG+ CC  Westbound WB2017 $15.00
Ohio Players  "Climax" (snuff cover)  Westbound 1003 $15.00
Ohio Players   "Tenderness"  EX/EX- (CO)  Boardwalk 37090 $4.00
Robinson  Smoky & The Miracles  "Smokin'" Db. live  EX/EX- CO  Tamla T9-363A2 $6.00
Ruby & The Romantics  "More Than Yesterday   EX/VG (COH PH)  ABCS 638 $15.00
Percy  Sledge  "The Best of..."  NM/EX  Atl.  SD 8210 $15.00
The Spinners   "The Original"'    SS/CO  Motown M5-132V1 $8.00
The Spinners   "Best of..."  EX/EX  Atl. SD 19179 $8.00
Stylistics  "The Best of..."  EX/EX  Amherst 70743 $4.00
The Stylistics  "The Best of ...Vol. 2"  EX/EX- COH  H&L Records 9109010 $3.00
The Stylistics  "Round 2"  EX/G  Avco AV 11006 $4.00
Sylvester   "Living Proof"Db. LP w. poster  VG/G  Fantasy  F-9558 $8.00
Sylvester  " s/t  EX/EX- CC  Fantasy F-9531 $8.00
Sylvester  "Too Hot to Sleep"  EX/G (bent corners)  Fantasy/Honey F 9607 $8.00
Johnnie Taylor    "Taylored in Silk"  EX/VG PH  Stax STS 3014 $8.00
Temptations  "With A Lot 'O Soul"  EX/VG  Gordy 922 $15.00
Temptations  "Greatest Hits"  EX/EX- PH  Gordy 919 $15.00
Temptations  "I Wish It Would Rain"  EX/EX  Gordy  927 $25.00
Temptations  "Cloud Nine"  EX/EX- (some ring wear)  Gordy GS-939 $15.00
Joe Tex   "Sings With Strings & Things"  New/EX- CO  Atlantic SD  8254  $15 .00
Tousan (Allen Toussaint)   "The Wild Sound of New Orleans"  EX/G+ (price wr. on cove;r some wear; still looks good  RCA LPM-1767 $100.00
Mary Wells  "Greatest Hits"  SS /CO  Motown  M661651 $15.00