Vinyl Industrial

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Artist Title Condition Label Price
Bourbonese Qualk Laughing Afternoon NM/VG Funfundvierzig 34 $15.00
CM Von Hauswolff

Life and Death of PBOC

NM/NM (one sided LP) RAPH 013-4 $15.00
Einsturzende Neubauten Achtung! NM/NM LP 1853-29 $50.00
Einsturzende Neubauten Feurio! NM/EX Rough Trade M 1338 $15.00
Einsturzende Neubauten Yu-Gung; Seele Brennt; Sand EX/VG; 12 LP (4 tear top edge of cov.) Some Bizarre BART 12 $15.00
Hafler Trio Bang-An Open Letter New/EX Robol DVR4 $25.00
Hafler Trio A Thirsty Fish New/EX Touch To:9 $40.00
Hunting Lodge 8 Ball EX/EX S/M Operations SM05 $20.00
Hunting Lodge Carnivora!, 4 cut 12 -title track is 45rpm -all others are 33rpm NM/EX (small SOC) Permis de Construire Deutschland PPP102 $15.00
Hunting Lodge Nomad Souls NM/EX S/M Operations SM 03 $25.00
Hunting Lodge This Is Truth New Normal Records 62 $6.00
Kallabris New Jazz Tone $15.00
Laibach The Occupied Europe Tour '85 EX/EX Side Effects 82-85 $20.00
Lunde Tape Death Cut Hands To New/EX Complacency CPD03001 $15.00
Nocturnal Emissions Stoneface NM/EX PHOE 01 08-1100 $20.00
Nurse with Wound Creakiness NM/EX United Diaries Records UD 038 $40.00
PGR Silence EX/EX $30.00
Pornosect The Noose and the Spear N M/EX PHOE 03 $15.00
Psychic TV Allegory and Self SS Spin/Fundamental 1006 $30.00
Psychic TV Force the Hand of Chance NM/EX Some Bizzare PSY1 $60.00
Psychic TV Live en Suisse EX/VG+ (some scratches, ring wear) Temple TOPY 027 $20.00
Psychic TV Live in Glasgow NM/EX Temple TOPY 016 $25.00
Psychic TV Live in Gottingen NM/EX Temple TOPY 029 $20.00
Psychic TV Live in Heaven NM/EX Temple TOPY 018 $25.00
Psychic TV Live in Paris EX/NM Temple TOPY 014 $20.00
Psychic TV Live in Reykjavik NM/EX Temple TOPY 026 $25.00
Psychic TV Live in Toronto NM/EX Temple TOPY 028 $25.00
Psychic TV Mouth of the Night NM/EX Temple TOPY 010 $20.00
Psychic TV Themes 2 NM/EX Temple TOPY 004 $25.00
Sleep Chamber Live At Massachusetts College of Art NM/EX; (gen. white cov. w/pasted yel. sheet) $25.00
Test Dept. Materia Prima NM/EX DEPT1 $15.00
Elggren, Leif & Per Jonsson UGN Radium 226.05 $15.00
Vagina Dentata Organ Music for Hashasins NM/NM Temple TOPY 012 $75.00
V/A, Db. LP w. Vivenza/P16.D4 / Etant, Donnes / Esplendor Geometrico/others Bruitiste SS RRR-023 $25.00
V/A, w. Cranioclast / Paul Lemos / Von, Hausswolff / others Dry Lungs Vol. III NM/EX Placebo 026 $15.00
V/A, w. Lustmord / Nocturnal Emissions / Hafler Trio & others The U.K. Miner's Strike 1984-85 New/EX (cov. slightly worn) Sterile Records $15.00
V/A, w. MuslimGauze / Human Flesh / Bourbonese Qualk / & others Nightlands: A Final Image Nocturnal Compilation NM/EX Final Image 5 $30.00