Vinyl Rock

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Artist Title Condition Label Price
Aliotta Haynes "Aliotta Haynes Music" NM/VG  SOC Ampex 10108 $15.00
Ambrosia "Ambrosia" folding pyramid cov New/EX 20th Cent. T-510 $8.00
American Breed "Pumpkin Powder Scarlet & Green" NM/VG (top split 6") Acta 38006 $15.00
American Breed Lonely Side of the City New/VG Acta 38008 $15.00
Andi Sex-Gang "Blind" SS Jams 48 $8.00
Angels "My Boyfriend's Back" VG/VG+ (name wr. on bk) Smash MGS 27039 $20.00
Animals  Eric Burdon & "Every One of Us" NM/EX COH MGM SE 4553 $20.00
Animals. Eric Burdon & "The Best of..." VG/EX- (pinholes) MGM E4324 $15.00
Paul Anka "Sings his Big 15" VG/EX- (corner crease) ABC323 $15.00
Atlantic Starr "All in the Name of Love" NM/NM WB 25560 $4.00
Atomic Rooster "Atomic Rooster IV" NM/EX Elektra 75074
B-52's "Strobelight" Dbl.  12" 45 rpm  Live 8/24/79 Boston SS/EX- (worn corners) Centifugal 35-40 $40.00
Badfinger "Ass"  EX/VG Apple SW 3411 $15.00
Badfinger "Magic Christian Music "  NM/EX Apple ST 3364 $25.00
Beach Boys "Beach Boys' Party" EX/EX- (w. fan photos) Capitol MAS 2398 $40.00
Beatles " Songs and Pictures of the Fabulous" (not original issue) EX/VG Vee Jay1092
$15 .00
Beatles   Introducing...  (not original issue)  NM/EX Vee Jay1062 $25.00
Beau Brummels " Best of the Beau Brummels" EX/VG+ Vault 114 $15.00
Beau Brummels "  The Beau Brummels" SS/CC WB 2842 $15.00
Bee Gees Trafalgar New/NM Atco SD 7003 $15.00
Chuck Berry "From St. Louis to Frisco" NM/EX- COH Mercury SR 61176 $15.00
Bill Black's Combo "Movin" EX/VG Monorail    HL12005 $15.00
Blue Cheer  "Vincebus  Eruptum" EX/EX Philips PHS 600-264 $50.00
Blue Mink "Real Mink" New/EX- COH Philips PHS 600 339 $15.00
Boffa Longo "Boffa Longo" EX/EX- CC United Artists  UAS 6726 $15.00
Bonzo Dog Band "Let's Make Up and Be Friendly" EX/EX- CC United Artists 5584 $15.00
David Bowie "Moonlight Exhibition" Dbl in gen. slv w wrap around cov. NM/EX   $40.00
David Bowie "The Thin White Duke" Dbl. live @ Nassau Col. NY 1976" (titles written on back cov.) EX/VG $40.00
David Bowie "Starting Point" NM/EX London  LC 50007 $15.00
David Bowie "Another Face" NM/EX Decca/London MIP-1-9324 $15.00
David Bowie "Rare" SS U.K. RCA PL 45406 $15.00
Eric Burdon  & War "Love is All Around" SS/CC ABCD 988 $8.00
Eric Burdon "Music for film "Comeback" SS Squire (Fr. impt) $10.00
Camel "Moonmadness" EX/EX- (COH) Janus JXS - 7024 $8.00
Camel "A Live Record" NM/EX- Db. Decca DBC R7/8   $30 .00
Camel "Camel" NM/EX MCA impt. 6477 $15.00
Canned Heat " Historical Figures and Ancient Heads" EX/EX-CC UAS 5557 $15.00
Jimmy Caravan "Half Baked EX/EX- (COH) Vertigo 1000 $8
Gary Clail "Half Cut For Confidence" 3 song EP NM/EX World Records 009 $10.00
Wayne Cochran "Cochran" EX/VG+ COH Epic E-30989 $15.00
Wayne Cochran and his C.C. Riders "Alive & Well" EX/EX- COH King KS1116 $40.00
Cold Blood "Cold Blood" (Rick Griffin cover) EX/EX San Fransisco SD200 $15.00
Count Bishops "The Count Bishops" NM/NM Chiswick #1  $15.00
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs "Storm the Gates of Heaven" SS Safari Records 42 $15.00
Crow "Best of..." New/VG COH Amaret 5012 $8.00
Spencer Davis Group "Heavies"  SS UAS 6691 $15.00
Spencer Davis Group "With Their New Faces On" SS UAS 6652 $25.00
Jackie DeShannon "For You" EX/VG CO PH 4" seam split Imp. 12352 $8.00
Jackie De Shannon "Laurel Canyon" NM/VG (promo stamp on cov.) Imperial 12415 $8.00
Devo "Sing If You're Glad To Be Devo" live  SS Rubber Robot RR003 $30.00
Devo Peek A Boo 12" EP With "Find Out" and two versions of title cut SS w/CO WB 299060 $5.00
Dick and Dee Dee "Tell Me/The Mountain's High" VG-/VG  Liberty 3236 $15.00
Ducks Deluxe "Ducks Deluxe" EX/EX RCA LPL1-5008 $15.00
Ducks Deluxe "Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite" SS/CO RCA ALF1-3025 $15.00
Ducks Deluxe "Last Night of a Pub Band" Dbl. SS Dynamite 3303 $30.00
Duane Eddy "Dance with the Guitar Man" EX/EX RCA LPM-2648 $25.00
Elephant's Memory "Elephant's  Memory" EX/VG  Apple SMAS 3389 $15.00
Everly Brothers "The Very Best of the..." EX/VG WB1554 $15.00
Fabian "Hold That Tiger!" EX/EX Chancellor CHLS-5003 $50.00
Jad Fair "Monarchs" SS  Iridescence G2 $15.00
Jad Fair " Best Wishes" SS  Irid. I-16 $15.00
Fat Mattress (Noel Redding) "Fat Mattress" EX/EX- CO Atco SD 33-309 $15.00
Flamin' Groovies  "Live at the Roxy LA 8.12.76" EX/EX WRMB 514 $40.00
Flamin' Groovies "Home to Roost" live 72 & rehearsal 71 SS BRR 003 $40.00
Fleetwood Mac  "Black Magic Woman" Dbl. EX/VG  Epic KEG 30632 $20.00
Fleetwood Mac "Offhand" EX-/EX FLAT-8225 $20.00
Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits" SS/EX- (SOC) impt. CBS 69001 $25.00
Fleetwood Mac "Will the Real Fleetwood Mac Please Stand Up?" EX/G TAKRL 24902 $30.00
The Fleetwoods "Greatest Hits" EX/EX Dolton BLP-2018 $20.00
The Fleetwoods "In A Mellow Mood" New/EX Sunset  SUS 5131 $15.00
Peter Frampton and Humble Pie "Gemini" SS TKRWM 1810 $25.00
John Fred & His Playboy Band "Agnes English" New/EX Paula LPS-2197 $8.00
The Frost  " Early Frost" EX/VG COH Vanguard VSD 79392 $15.00
 The Frost  "Frost Music" New/ CC Van VSD-6520 $15.00
The Frost  "Rock 'n' Roll Music" EX/VG Van VSD-6541 $15.00
The Gentrys   s/t (w Jimmy Hart) NM/EX- COH Sun 117 $15.00
The Gentrys "Keep on Dancing" NM/EX- COH MGM E-4336 $15.00
Norman Greenbaum  With Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band NM/VG Gregar 101 $8.00
Greenslade "Time and Tide SS/EX- CC Merc. SRM1025 $15.00
George Hamilton  "By George" New/EX - CO (stamp on bk) ABC 535 $25.00
Don "Sugarcane" Harris  "I'm on Your Case " NM/EX MC-21912 $15.00
 Ronnie Hawkins "Greatest Hits" Db. LP SS Silver Eagle SE-10873 $16.00
 Jimi Hendrix +Little Richard  "Friends from the Beginning" EX/EX ALA  3434 $15.00
Jimi Hendrix  "Early" EX/VG+ Baron LP-105 $15.00
 Jimi Hendrix  'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?" (live BBC) EX/EX Jimi-1 $20.00
 Jimi Hendrix "Hackensack Blues Live" EX/EX- Nardem 008 $15.00
 Jimi Hendrix "Hoochie Coochie Man" Db. LP EX/EX Waggle Records 2TY $30.00
 Jimi Hendrix "Isle of Wight" EX/EX Uruguay Polydor 10139 $15.00
Jimi Hendrix "Isle of Wight" NM/EX UK Poly 2302016 $30.00
Jimi Hendrix " Midnight Lightning" EX/EX Reprise 2229 $8.00
Jimi Hendrix "Star Spangled Blues" Db. LP EX/EX Waggle 1935 $40.00
Jimi Hendrix "Guitar Hero" (Top Gear 67) EX/EX KTS Rec. 011 $30.00
Jimi Hendrix "Live in Ottaway Canada  3/19/68" EX/EX $25.00
Jimi Hendrix "Legacy" Db LP Japanese import w lyric sheet EX/VG+ SOC $40.00
Jimi  Hendrix "Marshall  Sir James "Gypsy on Cloud Nine" db. LP EX/EX JP 106 $40.00
Herman's Hermits "The Best of ...Volume 3" New/EX- COH MGM  LP E4505 $15.00
Herman's Hermits "Blaze" NM/EX- COH MGM  E 4478 $15.00
Catfish Hodge "Soap Operas" SS Westbound 202 $15.00
HooDoo Rhythm Devils "The Barbeque of Deville" SS/CC Blue Thumb  BTS 42 $8.00
Illusion "Out of the Mist" NM/EX  Island 9498 $15.00
The Incredible String Band  "Relics of the..." Db. LP EX/EX Elektra 7E-2004  $20
Jade Warror  s/t NM/EX- CC Vertigo VEL1007 $15.00
Tommy James  s/t (white label promo) EX/EX - COH Roulette 42051 $15.00
TommyJames and the Shondells "Something Special from ..." EX/EX Roulette  SR2005 $15.00
Jan and Dean "Anthology Album" EX/EX UAS-9961 $16.00
Jan and Dean "Drag City" VG+EX Liberty  LST 7339 $20.00
Jan and Dean  "Folk and Roll" EX/EX Lib.  LST-7431 $15.00
Jan and Dean "Gotta Take that One Last Ride" EX/EX- CO UAE-341 $16.00
Jan and Dean "Oddities" SS Magic Carpet 2003 $15.00
Jefferson Airplane "Bark" (w. orig insert; w/o paper bag) EX/VG+ CO Grunt FTR-1001 $8.00
Billy Joel "Young Dreams" Db. LP NM/EX Unicorn Music  UM 46 AG $30.00
Jon & Robin "The Soul of a Boy and a Girl EXEX Abnak 2068 $15.00
Bill Justis "A Taste of Honey" EX/VG+ Smash  SRS 67077 $15.00
King Crimson "Lizard" EX/EX At.  SD 8278 $15.00
 Jonathan King "Or Then Again...." EX/VG + COH Parrot  PA61013 $15.00
 Jonathan King "Pandora's Box" NM/VG+ CC UKS53104 $15.00
The Kingsmen "Volume 3" EX/VG+COH Wand 662 $15.00
Tuli Kupferberg/Gary Elton " No Deposit No Return: An Evening of Pop Poetry" EX/EX- ESP 1035 $25.00
The Last " L.A. Explosion" EX/EX Lolita 5041 $15.00
Lazy "Creature" EX/VG+ MILL5023 $15.00
Katie Lee "Songs of Couch and Consultation EX/VG- (name wr. on bk) CNT-1
Little Richard "Gold"Db. LP SS VeeJay  VJS 2-1002 $16.00
Little Richard "Cast a Long Shadow" New/EX- (ring wear) Epic EG 30428 $16.00
Little Richard "Every Hour" New/CO Camden CAS 2430 (e) $8.00
Little Richard "The Second Coming" New/CC Reprise MS2107 $15.00
Liverpool Scene "Amazing Adventures of..." NM/G+ CC RCA LSP 2189 $15.00
Liverpool Scene "Bread on the Night" SS+CC RCA  LP 4287 $15.00
Lucifer's Friend "Where the Groupies Killed the Blues" NM/VG+  COH Passport  PPSD 9808 $15.00
Lucifer's Friend "I' Just a Rock 'n Roll Singer" New/EX Billingsgate 1008 $8.00
Lucifer's Friend "Mind Exploding" SS/CC Janus JXS 7030 $4.00
Paul McCartney & Wings "London Town"(has poster of band) EX/EX Cap SW 11777 $15.00
Paul McCartney "CHOBA B CCCP" (Rock & Roll) (white label) NM/EX (Russian) CTEPEO A6000415006 $15.00
Paul McCartney & Wings "At the Speed of Sound" NM/EX Capital  SW 11525 $8.00
Mott The Hoople "Rest In Peace" Db. LP EX+/EX Impossible Recordworks IMP 2-8 $40.00
The Neighborhood "Debut" SS Big Tree BTS2001 $15.00
Rick Nelson "A Long Vacation" VG+/VG+ Imperial LP 9244 $15.00
Rick Nelson "Love and Kisses" EX/VG+ (2" top SS) Decca   DL 74678 $20.00
Rick Nelson "The Very Thought of You" EX/EX Decca  DL4559 $25.00
New Order "Low-Life" SS.COH QWEST-25289 $15.00
New Seekers "The Pinball Wizards" New/EX- CO MGM  MV 5098 $10.00
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble "Faithful Friends"(w. lyric sheet) NM/EX Atco SD33-294
The Nice "Nice" SS Immediate UK Series  SBA 16016 $15.00
Nightmare "Power of the Universe" NM/EX Ebony 30 $15.00
Leonard Nimoy   s/t New, sealed Pickwick SPC-3199 $15.00
Leonard Nimoy "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy" EX/VG+ CO Dot  DLP 25910 $25.00
Kenny O'Dell "Beautiful People NM/NM White Whale V401 $15.00
The O'Kaysians "Girlwatcher" EX/VG+ CC ABCS-664 $15.00
OMD So In Love (12 3 song Extended mix) EX/EX Virgin VS 76613 $4.00
Roy Orbison "There is Only One" NM/VG+ COH + PH MGM E 4308 $20.00
Roy Orbison "Orbisongs: Roy Orbison Sings His Own and Other..." NM/EX Monument MLP 8035 $30.00
Painted Willie " Relics" SS SST 178 $4.00
Graham Parker & The Rumour "Mercury Poisoning"  12" one sided grey vinyl single NM/EX Arista SP-41 $15.00
Polyrock  "III"   (promo w/ Philip Glass Interview) NM/EX RCA  DJ13831 $10.00
Pop, Iggy "Stowaway DOA"  (live 1977 Santa Monica,  CA w Bowie)  NM/EX $30.00
Pork Dukes "Pink Pork" (Pink Vinyl )  SS Import $30.00
Pork Dukes  "Tight Pussy/Making Bacon" 12" Yellow Vinyl NM/EX Import $20.00
The Pretty Things "Live at the Heartbreak Hotel" NM/EX Konexion  788007 $15.00
Righteous Brothers "Back To Back" EX/EX Philles 4009 $30.00
Righteous Brothers "Right Now!" EX/VG- Moonglow  1001 $15.00
Rolling Stones "On Tour" (live  7/24/78)  DB LP NM/VG Phoenix 44773 $30.00
Rolling Stones "Live In Paris '65/Live In Sweden '64"  +  Studio Demos 63-65 db. LP  (printed B&W sleeve) NM/EX $30.00
Rolling Stones "Live In Paris '65/Live In Sweden '64" db LP multi colored vinyl (gen. cov. w 2 mimeo sheets) EX/VG $30.00
Rolling Stones "Madrid July-82" DB LP NM/EX $30.00
Rolling Stones "The Glimmer Twins Shine on the BBC Tonight" NM/EX Jester 112 $25.00
Ruben & The Jets "For Real" (produced by Zappa) EX/VG+ COH Mercury SRM 1-659 $15.00
Todd Rundgren "Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren" EX/G+ Ampex 10116 $8.00
Mitch Ryder "Sings The Hits" NM/VG+ COH  New Voice 2005 $8.00
Mitch Ryder "The Detroit-Memphis Experiment" NM/ VG -COH Dot  ST 25963 $8.00
Sgt. Barry Sadler "Ballads of The Green Berets" NM/EX RCA  LSP 3547 $15.00
The Silkie  "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" NM/EX w COH Fontana MGF  27548 $15.00
Silverhead "Silverhead" SS MCA stereo 306 $15.00
Small Faces "A Complete Collection" db LP New CO Compleat 67-2004      $12.00
Snakefinger "Manual of Errors" SS Ralph SN 8203 $15.00
Snakefinger "Greener Postures" SS Ralph SNK 7909 $15.00
Sonny and Cher "The Two of Us" DB LP  EX/EX- ATCO SD 2-804 $16.00
Soul Survivors "When the Whistle Blows..." NM/NM Crimson 502 $25.00
The Spokesmen "The Dawn of Correction" EX/EX- PH Decca DL 4712 $25.00
Bruce Springsteen "Fire on the Fingertips"(orange vinyl)  6 song 12" color cover NM/NM $30.00
Bruce Springsteen "The Boss of E Street" EX/EX $15.00
Bruce Springsteen "The Great White Boss" (Bottom Line 81.15/75)  db LP NM/EX      $40.00
Bruce Springsteen "Interview Full Color Picture Disc" Limited Edition 5000 copies NM (unplayed) IW302B $8.00
Cat Stevens "Matthew & Son" DB LP EX/VG Deram stereo 18005-10  $6.00
Stray Cats "Recorded Live At The Roxy 9/2/83" Db. LP NM/EX $40.00
The Suburbs "Dream Hog" 6 Song EP SS/ CO MERC 811303 $6.00
Wayne Talbert "Lord Have Mercy on My Funky Soul" New (COH) Pulsar AR 10607 $8.00
David Thomas & the Pedestrians "The Sound of the Sand" NM/EX Rough 30 $15.00
Dewey Terry (half of famous Don & Dewey) "Chief" SS/EX-COH Tumbleweed TWS-104 $10.00
George Thoroughgood & Destroyers "Jorge Y Los Destructores-Smokin' Alive in '85" NM/NM Banzai Toons 49351 $15.00
George Thoroughgood "It's All Entertainment"  (Live LA, CA 1979 ) SS Excitable 4504.1 $30.00
Pete Townshend "Obscure and Oblique" DB LP  EX/EX $20.00
The Turtles "More Golden Hits" SS White Whale 7127 stereo  $25.00
Tuxedo Moon "What Use?(remix)" SS Ralph TX  8204 $15.00
 The Ventures "Go With The Ventures" EX-/VG+ Dolton BLP 2045 $15.00
The Who "Maximum R+B" DB LP (w liner notes insert) NM/VG PRJK-905 $30.00
The Who "Who's Zoo" (db LP live & rare) NM/VG (incomplete cover sheet)                   
Roy Wood "Mustard" New/NM Super Jet LP 12 (2310 418) $15.00
Yellow Magic Orchestra "Naughty Boys" SS (Japanese Import) Alfa Records $15.00
Frank Zappa "Boulez Conducts Zappa" EX/VG+ EMI 38170  $8.00
Frank Zappa "Could This Be Joe's Garage Act's IV & V Live?" DB LP X/NM Mud Shark 3605 $40.00
Frank Zappa "Broadway the Hard Way" (w. insert) EX/EX Barking Pumpkin 74218 $10.00
Frank Zappa " King Kong Ripped My Flesh" (recorded 1967 live in Stockholm, Sweden) EX/EX $30.00
Frank Zappa "Serious Music Featuring Sinister Footwear" SS  ICA Masterworks OCT 31 $15.00
Frank Zappa "Son of Serious Music" SS  ICA Masterworks JUN 161984.
Frank Zappa "Them Or Us" Db. LP EX/EX Barking Pumpkin 818 $16.00
Frank Zappa "True Glove"  (4 Cut 12" w prev. unrel. "Won Ton On") SS EMI imp. 200387 $8.00
Frank Zappa "Anyway the Wind Blows"  (live Paris 1979) db LP NM/EX- $40.00
Frank Zappa "Zappa Vol. 1"  ( London Symphony Orch. cond. by Kent Nagano) SS Bark. Pumpkin 38820 $8.00
Frank Zappa "Dupree's Paradise"  (live at Duke University 1974) Db LP NM/EX IMP 2-24 stereo $30.00
Frank Zappa "Days of Yore"( live at Appleton University of Wisconsin 1969) (says limited Ed. 150 copies) NM/EX $30.00
Frank Zappa "Indescreet Picture Show" EX/EX Smog 62517 $30.00
Frank Zappa "Meets the Mothers of Prevention (European Version)" NM/NM EMI  3507 $15.00
Frank Zappa  "The Untouchables'"(live var. locations 1988) Db. LP NM/EX    $30.00
Frank Zappa "Francesco Zappa" EX/EX Barking Pumpkin ST-74202 $8.00